Thursday, 24 July 2008

Polzeath in the sun

It's so good when the school holidays start and the weather is being so nice to us.

We can just grab our bag of towels, buckets and spades and head off to Polzeath beach for an hour or two of evening sunshine!

After the holidaymakers have gone back for their tea!

And it was still hot, hot, hot at 7.30.

But will it last until September I wonder?


LOUISE said...

Hi, just discovered your blog. I shall be back, I love Cornwall, and will find any excuse to visit. We have been down at our local beach most evenings this week, usually very quiet, but yesterday was a different story, it was heaving. Maybe something to do with the kids breaking up from school! I hope the sunshine lasts for their summer holiday. x

angel said...

When can i come visit....... hum.
The Photo's are wonderful as always. X
I hope you can spend the rest of the summer lazing about on the beach with all the littlies running around Mythering you... lol.

Sal said...

The water looks so inviting! Great pics ;-