Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Angel and thrifting

I've finally finished my June strawberries and cream swap for Trixie on the Shabby chic forum. I've posted it and it's been received so I can post a piccie. Now I must start on the July swap with the theme of Summer garden party.

Amigurumi strawberry, strawberries and cream fragranced sachet and a jug cover.

I'm doing quite alot of sewing at the moment, normally I would be out in the garden at this time of year but hey you can't do anything about the weather!
I've been meaning to make an angel from 'Sew Pretty Homestyle' for ages and finally made one on Friday. I had to make do with the fabric that I already had so she had to have a red fleece and she's looking very pale probably needs a bit of sunshine! Also sitting cross legged hasn't done alot for her ankles! She's sitting next to my basket of granny squares that are now being sewn together so hopefully that will be another tick off my to do list soon.
Anyway Lily thinks she's great and she's called Rosie Posie. I'm now attempting the cat and the dog as I've got the Sew Pretty Homestyle Christmas book on order for when it's released, and I know that as soon as it comes I will want to make everything in it.

I thought I wouldn't do any thrifting for a while as I bought quite a lot last week and with the kitchen makeover still in progress there really isn't anywhere to put all these bits and pieces. I find the best way, for me, to keep temptation at bay is to keep away from the car boots - not hard to do at the moment as it keeps raining.

Well at the weekend it was our Church summer fete and dog show, because of the rain the dog show was cancelled but there were some stalls in the village hall. I thought it would be safe to enter and perhaps buy a few plants! And there I spied, hidden away in the corner a really, really cheap bric a brac stall, everything was less than 50p, and I couldn't resist, well it was for a good cause!

And I bought some gorgeous smelling sweet peas as mine haven't started flowering yet.


sharie said...

Aww sweet peas- simply the best summer fragrance- I love them.
Great finds too! Sometimes those church hall affairs are the best.

claire said...

Angel looks great - I got the book for my birthday but I am still at the looking stage.
fab background song btw!!! (as a Smiths fan I think its an ok cover lol!!)

angel said...

Treacle loved her swap well done.
Sweetpeas are one of my favourite flowers so English.
I think your Angel is lovely she is so sweet, i wish i could sew well enough to make things like you.
Awh well I can always come and look at yours.
God bless.