Monday, 21 July 2008

Monday's thrift

Well the weather is good albeit slightly breezy. Not hot enough for the beach yesterday but good enough for a walk in the countryside ..................................... around the car boot, well it's better than being stuck in a supermarket.

Here's a few of the goodies from this week and last.

Primrose teacups with 1 saucer and a rose saucer.

A rose oil lamp and a floral lamp base.

Plates - floral, pansies and roses.

An embroidered cushion cover.

A couple of rose bowls and floral pots.

Floral jug and bowl and a rose jug and saucer.

A pink jug.

Cut glass candlestick & jug, a round glass jelly mould, which I have wanted for ages, embroidered tablecloth.

Snowflake pyrex casserole, sauce dish and saucer.

A lovely wooden dolls highchair for Lily and a Blackberry farm book.

Some 70's cookery books and a 50's Stork cookery book.

Every Girl's Handbook 1961.

And finally in my opinion a really cute dog and a couple of brooches.

While I was outside taking the photos (5hrs ago) I found this little chap tweeting for his mum and the poor thing is still there!

Sparrow chick.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely goodies!

Thank you so much for being the first to comment on my newly transferred blog - it sure has taken a LOT of time to re-establish and I was relieved to be able to import everything except the sidebar. My old one is still stuck ... oh well.

Hope to see you there!

best wishes
Sandie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

You had some great finds there - there's nothing better than a successful morning's treasure hunt!

Summer by the sea said...

I especially like the embroidered cushion cover and the pink jug - great finds - Natalie x

sharie said...

Oh what a lovely collection of finds! You've done very well there.
Hope the little birdys mum has found him?

Lace Threads said...

Those are lovely - I love the jugs especially. Let us know how the sparrow chick gets on!

Trish said...

what fab finds hun :) you did well there xxx

Sal said...

Hi there..thanks for visiting my blog..yours is wonderful..just the sort of things I love to read! I'll add you to my favourites..Sal ;-)

shabby chic said...

oooh I love all your lovely treasures, all so pretty and lovely to be treasured and enjoyed.

Penny said...

Wow!! I am turning a slight shade of green looking at the china you picked up! It's all so beautiful!