Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Pause in Advent week 3.

Well I'm still here and now have my post for the third week of a Pause in Advent, albeit 4 days late!
On Sunday we decided to take it easy although there are 101 things still on my to do list, I still haven't wrapped any presents or written cards. I have been doing a lot of sewing and crocheting for the 2nd produce market this Saturday though. Anyway I digress we started the day with a trip to the garden centre to see their brilliant Christmas display and to have a coffee and some millionaires shortbread.
We then wrapped up and headed for the seaside, it was actually a beautiful day but very cold.
We sat on Looe seafront and had fish and chips for lunch, so much for the pre Christmas diet, looking at this view.
I think it was probably the first time that I've been to Looe in December and was surprised to see all the seaweed on the sand, rather than holidaymakers, the gulls were enjoying a good rummage though.
Lily found some treasure - a mermaids purse :)
Her reindeer also enjoyed his time there!
Someone obviously used some of the seaweed to good effect.

By 4 o'clock it was absolutely freezing and definately time to go home and sit in front of the fire.
It was good though just to take some time out from all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, which I thought was quite appropriate for a pause in Advent! At this point I was going to wish my eldest daughter Jemma good luck for her chartered accountants exam in financial accounting but she's done it now so I hope it went well for her. I will do my best (computer allowing) to be back for the final pause in Advent on Monday as I'm off to Eden on Sunday.


Lalabibaby said...

Hey your calendar header is the same as my Chrissy card one .... I just couldn't resist those children at the post box x

Floss said...

It's so good to take a break. Someone said, somewhere in a comment on one of these Advent Pauses, that the gift of calm, caring parents has got to be best gift of all for our children! Your day out by the sea looks fantastic.

giftsofthejourney said...

Gracious you are a busy woman! I've had a good look around your blog and you appear to be the go to woman if I need advice on crafting. I love the dollhouses in particular. You're so talented!

I didn't realize Tara and Jodie were your daughters. I just found out the other day the Tara reads my blog.

It's lovely to meet a fellow blogger with a love of charity shopping right in the same village.

I'll be back to see and hopefully around the village.

Serenata said...

Oh thank you so much for showing us pictures of your trip to Looe, I fell in love with Looe when I first went there earlier this year.

Just a perfect day out with your children.