Monday, 30 November 2009

A Pause in Advent.

I along with many other bloggers have joined in with Floss's 'A pause in advent' We will be posting on each Sunday of Advent or the following Monday, as is the case here. This is a chance for everyone to share their thoughts, traditions etc during Advent. Advent for me begins with books, lots of books!
I like to get out all my Christmas cookery books and write lists of what I'd like to cook during the holidays.

I then like to plan what I'm going to make as in decorations and gifts.

And of course the things to make at home with Lily or at the toddler group sessions.

I suppose I only manage to make/cook half of what is on my lists but I enjoy the planning.
If you have time have a look at the other 'A pause in Advent' posts. The button at the top of my side bar will take you to Floss's blog where there is a list of bloggers taking part and while you're there read Floss's beautiful post about putting things in prospective.
Today is also my daughter Tara's birthday and for me most of the Christmas planning begins
once her birthday is over. Happy Birthday Tara!


Floss said...

Happy Birthday Tara! My son's birthday is on Dec 12th, so we usually give him some space for his party and his cards before we decorate for Christmas.

I love all your books and think it's a great way to begin Advent! I can't wait to see what you bake and make...

Kaye said...

Happy Birthday Tara :)

Thank you for such an interesting article. I love your idea! It brought back such fun memories. When my kids were little, I would buy a few new Christmas magazines every year. By the time my oldest was 12, I had a huge box of them. Each year when it got close to Christmas, I had such a great time re-reading them and making plans. I suspect you are accomplishing more than I ever did, but the planning was half the fun! :)

Pixiedust said...

What a lot of Christmas books! I was having a browse through some of my xmas recipe books last night for inspiration for homemade edible gifts. I hope you get lots of scrummy things made. xxx

Pomona said...

That is the most amazing collection of Christmas books - a wonderful source of inspiration, I should think!

Pomona x

Taz said...

Happy birthday wee Tara from big Tara ;)

Maria said...

Those books look so very, very, very enticing. I am craving to pick them up and read them, particularly the childrens ones and the craft ones and then of course I would have to look into the cookboooks!!!!!

Florence and Mary said...

Happy Birthday!

What a lovely selection of Christmas books you have

Victoria xx

made with love said...

That is SOME selection of books you have there.
Happy birthday Tara.
Rachael XX

Cally's Cottage said...

Oh my goodness you have the most wonderful selection of books!I would like them all! And what a lovely idea too, we celebrate each Sunday in Advent and as the first one is usually on or around my Birthday I always feel that Christmas starts with my Birthday!!
Happy Baking and Making!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x said...

wow what a wonderful collection! mine is nowhere near as good, though I am collecting them from charity shops...

nice post


Felicity said...

i love doing this too i think the fun is in the planning, making long dreamy christmas lists! happy birthday to tara too! fliss xx