Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Autumn days

It's so lovely to see the garden full of bluetits, blackbirds and robin's again, these photos were taken through my kitchen window.

Walking in our local woods.
Halloween and Guy Fawkes: Lily made a friendly spider. This year I made Yorkshire Parkin for the first time and will be making it again as it was very nice indeed. I also made some cheese & ham puffs made using a pumpkin shaped cutter, very simple to make and tasted delicious.

Eden project's 'Halloweden' we visited the pumpkin carving workshop, made magic potions of lavender, rose, callendula etc. and visited the owls. The last 3 photos are of the cotton growing it was the first time I'd seen these and the cotton just bursts from the plant.

I've also partaken in a little bit of fabric buying.

I haven't been around much recently because of the amount of work I have to do and feel terribly guilty that I haven't been looking at any blogs, I know that if I leave the computer on I will spend half the day on there, which is what has happened this morning! The produce market were I have a stall is this coming Saturday so only 3 days left and I still have lots to do. I have lots of stock to take: Christmas bunting, spiced hearts, stars, trees, sachets & felt decorations. Scented hearts, birds & doorstops. Pincushions, fabric baskets, owl, cat, dog and rabbit shelf sitters and an abundance of crochet brooches. As well as finishing of lots of those I also need to try and make some bags, and pegbags but we'll see what time allows. This is going to be a monthly event and I have a table booked indefinately, the next one will be on the 19th December hence the reason for doing so much sewing now as there is so much to do in December and I like to be able to enjoy the festivities. Hopefully after Saturday I'll be able to catch up on all the blogs.


Anonymous said...

I love your photo mosaics ... they're quite addictive aren't they? A bit like this blogging business ... xx

bellaboo said...

My hubby's always calling up the stairs to me saying..'are you STILL on that ......computor?!!!I never see you.
Lovely Autumn days...


Floss said...

What a lovely selection of photos and news. You do sound busy, and I quite understand why you stay away from blogland when you have a lot to do.

I've just put up our bird feeders and am hoping to have some visitors soon, although it's mild here so the birds may be doing fine without me for now!

VintageVicki said...

Some great pictures - love the mosiacs - I need to learn how to do those.

I can spend ages watching the birds visiting the feeders and garden.

twiggypeasticks said...

Beautiful photos, you are sooooo busy
Twiggy x

made with love said...

lovely photos. The hours just disappear while on the computer don't they. I have moved my sewing things into the office space which is really bad news for my husband.
Rachael XX

Lyn said...

Lovely post. I too love feeding the birds but you have got some great photos of them.
I too get shouted at for 'always being on the computer!'

Cally's Cottage said...

I wish I could see what lovely things you have on offer!Good luck selling them.
Warm Wishes,
Cally xxx

Felicity said...

i love seeing birds in the garden, im hoping our little robin comes back this year! fliss xx

Floss said...

Thanks for joining in our Pause for Advent - I really look forward to your posts!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I know how you feel, some days I never seem to get moved to far from the computer......

Gill in Canada

Pomona said...

I love your pictures - sometimes real life has to come first, and blogging take a back seat. Hope it all goes well, anyway.

Pomona x