Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A February catch up.

Well February disappeared and we're in the middle of March already! I've never been away from my blog for this long before but have been very busy with school stuff, decorating, making & life in general. So must get back on track with a quick February catch up.
L was off school ill when it was Chinese new year so we made a Chinese dragon and some lanterns.
We also had a bit of fun for valentines day, heart family finger puppets and
tissue paper hearts. We attempted a tutorial to make hearts from wax crayon shavings, it took forever to sharpen the crayons, which were then placed between wax paper & ironed. I don't know what went wrong but as soon as I tried to cut them into hearts they just fell apart. So I just ripped pieces of tissue paper, spread watered down PVA onto cling film, covered the glue with pieces of tissue, when dry cut into hearts.
We also baked using silicone heart cases to make heart cupcakes
and rose silicone cases to make milk jelly roses, rather strange ones but they tasted good. And some chilli chocolates just so we could play with the edible glitter!

During half term the Eden project had a dinosaur quest culminating in a dinosaur arriving in the tropical biome. He was very loud & made of rubber so quite lifelike. There were quite a few screaming toddlers but we stood back out of the way even though L said she wasn't scared.

I also finally got around to make some wrist warmers for myself using Julia Crossland's tutorial.

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noelle said...

sounds like a busy time , we meant to go to Eden but didnt find the time !!!