Monday, 1 June 2009

Yay new camera!

In my last post I mentioned that my camera was broken well now I have a new one. It's my birthday tomorrow so I had the camera for that, only I managed to get it a week early :) I'm amazed what good cameras you can get now for very little money and have spent the week trying to work out all the things that it can do.

I took some photos to add to Kitschen Pink's utility china group on Flickr, there's a link in my sidebar. Then some of the beautiful cars at Launceston steam rally,

all was fine until we went to Looe on Saturday. The view was stunning, brilliant blue sky and sea, sailing boats on the horizon. I took loads of photos, of which the one below was probably the best! The rest were white, of course it helps if you read the instructions thoroughly, which I did before going to Harlyn Bay on Sunday.

All I needed to do was press a button for taking photos in the snow or on the beach, phew!

I managed to acquire some photos of Jodie's prom this is the outfit she wore, the third outfit bought btw.

She was aiming for a vintage look and it worked.

Her GCSE's started today with Maths, it's not her favourite subject so hopefully it went well, English tomorrow so that she be a doddle for her. My eldest Jemma takes her first Chartered Accountants exam today too, good luck both of you.
As I said on my last post my wonderful freestyle swap arrived form Lyn - everydaylife. I had a beautiful handmade bird, some lovely china napkin rings with gingham napkins, sunflower seeds, a ladybird plant stick and some really sweet 1/12th scale jars and a really pretty card. Thankyou Lyn for a lovely swap.

Here's my hexagon blanket that I been crocheting together, still not finished but the end is in sight, I blame the sunshine.

I've also had a bit of button love this week I picked up a tin full at a car boot then

Bloomin Myrtle kindly did a RAK on the SCC and very genorously sent me this lot in a cute little bag, thankyou Elaine.

I heard about about Abakhan fabrics from the lovely lady above so obviously I had to take a peak and ended up buying these brilliant bundles of binding at 49p a pack, there are 3 packs in the picture, metres and metres of the stuff!

While I was there I also bought a couple of yummy Globaltex fabrics and a rosebud fabric.

And I added some more fabric to my stash at the car boot.

This little lady (which we thought was a boy, for the last 20+ years) has just laid 3 eggs this morning! Unfortunately no males were present nor have been for 20+ years, apparently after mating it can take up to 3 years.

Well that's enough of my rambling, the sunshine is waiting outside!


bekimarie said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a great day. I bet you're pleased you managed to get a new camera.
I don't envy you the exam stress in your house but wishing them both the best of luck.
Have a great week.
Beki xxx

Elaine said...

Lovely photos, the new camera is great! Which one did you get???
The prom photos are lovely, and, as usual, your littly is so sweet, bless xxx

The buttons are a good find, and I'm loving the binding, unfortunately they have sold out now :(, I've used 2 pieces so far and the cotton ones sew like a dream, I'm saving the non-cotton ones for bunting.
I ordered more and we only have one exactly the same, so really looking forward to seeing what you do with yours.

Love and blessings

Mary Poppins said...

Well done on your new camera, You have taken some really yummy photographs :)

Love the Prom photographs


LissyLou said...

Gorgeous cars, gorgeous big girl smile, gorgeous post!!!
Happy Birthday for tommorrow, ejoy using your camera!! x

angel said...

Happy birthday honey, what a lovely pressie, you can take more stunning Photo's now. :-)
More than enough goodies for me to look at in one day, its been yummy catching up on here.
Love and hugs Mwah X x X x X x X

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Fab piccies and a great post, have a lovely day sweetheart. xxxxx

Serenata said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

We are coming down your way on 17th June to do a little house hunting after viewing Plymouth Uni for older son. I'm gettiing excited...

Ryan said...
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Jennie said...

Your new camera takes lovely photos (hopefully it won't take too many white ones from now on). The blanket is looking good and I hopey your daughter had a lovely time.
I hope you had a fabulous birthday :D

julie said...

l have just come accross you blog and l cannot believe you are near Harlyn Bay - we have spent our hols the last 5 years at Harlyn Sands - we love it we camp on the field next to the beach. Small world isn't it. l can see you love Cath Kidston me too.

Kim Dellow said...

Hope you had a fab birthday and well done on the new camera :) Kim

funkymonkey said...

Good luck to your daughter for her exams. I'm very jealous of your great stash of buttons.