Monday, 15 June 2009

Happy Birthday Lily

Lily's third birthday in pictures as I've not been well for the past few days and am too exhausted to type :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lily .... hope you are feeling better VERY soon.

bekimarie said...

What a cutie!
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous girl.
Hope you're feeling better soon!
Beki xxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Get well soon Yvonne X
P.S Lily is a cutie pie X

angel said...

Happy Birthday Lily. :-)

How adorable is she! and well done on the cake, i bet Lily loved it, gosh wish i had been invited,:-)

I am so sorry your so unwell honey. :-( hope you feel better soon .
Lots of love and hugs Mwah X x X x X

Sal said...

Happy Birthday to Lily.She looks a delight!
Hope you are feeling better soon ;-)

LissyLou said...

Happy Birthday Lily!! what a fab cake x

Anonymous said...

that is a beautiful cake :-)
love the biscuits too!

Hope you had a fantastic time :-)

Rose XXX

Anonymous said...

Look at that cake, it is adorable!

Lyn said...

Gosh it's a dream birthday party for a little girl-no wonder you have no strength left!
Hope you feel better soon.

summerfete said...

Happy Birthday Lily! You share your birthday with my Dad!

funkymonkey said...

What a lucky girl! Hope you are better very soon.


Elaine said...

How cute!!! 3 is such a nice age, lovely and chatty!!!
(at least my DD was, but then again she never stopped!)
Is the dolly one of your's? She's sweet!

Love and blessings

Anonymous said...

appy birthday beautiful Lily. xxxx t

bekimarie said...

I've tagged you!
Have a great weekend
Beki xxx

marble rose said...


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Indigo Blue said...

Lovely cake. I know certain little girl whose eyes would light up if she saw it! Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am sending virtual hugs your way. xx

louise said...

Looks like Lily had a wonderful party for her birthday. The cake is fabulous! I hope you are feeling better now. x