Monday, 22 August 2011

Summer holidays so far

A quick round up of what we've been up to in the summer holidays. This year we joined the National Trust again after a 4 year gap & L requested that we go to a castle. This is Castle Drogo which is quite close to us.

Although you can now take photos inside you can't use a flash so the ones I took inside weren't great. Loving these curtains though from the housekeepers room.

We found this little play cottage in the gardens.

We also went to Antony house, which was used in the recent Alice in Wonderland film, hence the tea cup topiary.

The gardens on this estate are huge and there were 2 massive black walnut trees on the lawn, which we picnicked under.

Although I was born & have always lived in Cornwall, I can't remember ever going to Mousehole so we went and had a look around when we were going down to Penzance.

We decided to park on the outskirts of the village and walk in past a row of allotments, which is where we met Mr tree!

It's a beautiful village & must be stunning when it's all lit up for Christmas.

As usual we went on our monthly visit to Eden & were lucky to catch a couple of the No fit state circus acts performing, brilliant!

Back to using the National trust card again we went to Cotehele.

I was hoping that Blogger may have righted itself by now but yet again there were lots of gaps in this post, I'm also still unable to comment on any blogs so apologise but I am still reading the ones that I follow.

Ending on a positive note my 18yr old had excellent A level results last week so is off to Falmouth university in September to study English with creative writing. Also my eldest passed her corporative & business law exam and her financial management exam today. She works as a qualified accountant but is studying at home to become chartered only 5 more exams! Well done both of you.


Indigo Blue said...

Congratualations with the exam results. Always a bit of a worry until the envelope is opened. I too had problems with blogger. So I looked at their help area and updated it to the newer version. It sorted out my post problems and I can now comment on any blog I visit. You can convert in your settings. There is a section that says newer version (recommended) check their help pages first. i was worried it would ruin my blog, but it looks the same. We also have National Trust Membership. A few years ago we got one of the Trust "Passport" books and get a stamp each time we visit. It is a good record and has encouraged us to visit further afield when we go on holiday.

LissyLou said...

looks like you've been having a lovely time. The Mousehole is so cute!! xx

Rainy Day Crafter said...

Lovely photos - looks like you've been having a great time. And congratulations to all on the exam results :)