Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sargies Cornish Kitchen

Recently Beth from Jam and clotted cream put a shout out for Cornish bloggers to review some food items for Sargies Cornish kitchen, I didn't need asking twice :)
Sargies produce a small but impressive range of hot puddings, seasonal desserts and hand piped meringues, all made using free range eggs, with no added preservatives or colourings.
I received a sticky toffee pudding, a jar of luxury lemon curd and 6 free range Cornish meringues

Firstly we tried the sticky toffee pudding, apologies for the photo quality it was a grotty day. The pudding looked and smelt good but was a little too sweet for us. To be fair though I'm sure that if I had some clotted cream with it it would've taken some of the sweetness away.
Next up was the meringues these were perfect, so much so that my daughter who doesn't usually eat meringues loved them. I made a blueberry & strawberry version of Eton mess, the bowls were virtually licked clean. This was requested again a week later so I made it using supermarket meringues, the pieces of meringue were left uneaten by my children, not nice at all.
The lemon curd was delicious I made a lemon curd and passion fruit fool from a Good Housekeeping cookbook the recipe called for flaked almond topping but I crumbled the last of Sargies meringues over the fool, which finished it off perfectly!
The rest of the jar was used making lemon meringue cupcakes, also delicious but I overwhipped my egg whites & ruined the topping hence no photo :s
You can buy Sargies products in many outlets in Cornwall including Asda & some Morrisons you can find the full list here.


Saphy said...

one word mmmmmmmm

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Looks very nice I think everything is getting sweeter these days.Our poor kids teeth.

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What a great job market research can be! Lucky you!!

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