Saturday, 24 April 2010

A dog's tale.

Last weekend we had an unexpected visitor, my daughter found this little fellow wondering along the side of the A30 at 4 oclock Saturday morning. She was housesitting for some neighbours at the time so turned up here at 8.30 with a ''I found this dog can you sort it out and look after him!'' I was in a rush at the time trying to get ready for a craft market so I put him out in the porch with a blanket and some water and was out the door fifteen minutes later.
I came back later to a scratched front door, brand new front door at that! Found out it was a he without a collar so no name tag but with a retching cough. I worried that it would be kennel cough so made sure I kept him away from my dog. He was also absolutely gorgeous, very friendly and well behaved and I figured he was a Bichon Frise cross. I then rang the police with the info I had but no one had reported him missing, we also told the village shop and pub.
I had been told that the dog wardens are not available during the weekend so I had to wait until Monday to ring them. Fast track to Monday morning and after 1/2 hour on hold I got through to the dog warden, he hadn't been reported missing. But then a lady who I recognised walked down the path, the dog warden went on hold and lo & behold it was the owner's mother!
She had gone into the village shop to put up a lost poster (2 days later!) Apparently he had been let out at 3 in the morning and went wondering, he doesn't have a collar or tag or microchip! Luckily the cough isn't kennel cough, he's a Bishon Frise cross Maltese and 12 yrs old. I did have a moan about it being irresponsible and how lucky it was that the dog wasn't killed or indeed caused an accident. I did get some flowers for my trouble.
Some other quite nice things to happen 28 pieces of linen & crochet for £1.

And a sewing box full of vintagey bits for £3.
Have a good weekend hopefully mine isn't going to be quite as eventful as the last. Oh and the photo at the top of this post is of a gorgeous Magnolia, which is blooming in the village.


TheMadHouse said...

Wow, I love the sewing box and linen, well done and the magnolia is amazing.

I have no words which display the anger I have for the dog owner though

topchelseagirl said...

What irresponsible owners and not even being bothered enough to report him missing or put up a notice for 2 days! They don't deserve him. Grrr. Lucky that he was found by such caring people.

melanie said...

Thank God for people like you, if you had not taken the doggy in, God only knows what would of happened to the poot little fella! The owner of the dog seems quite irresponsible to me, I would not let our doggies out at 3.00am!
You are such a good person, I am so pleased that you took this dog in, and that your tale had a happy ending. :) xxx

Cheap2Chic said...

I would be out of my mind if my dog went missing. Thankfully you were very kind in looking after him xxx

Rebecca said...

Poor little pup, at least he is home & safe though.... I dread to think what might have happened to him! What irresponsible owners, if I had a dog I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing!
I love your purchases, so beautiful! A complete bargain too!
Hope you are having a good weekend xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Love your finds! how pretty are they! that sewing basket is just lovely.

As for the wandering dog. How mad is that letting your dog out at 3am and not bothering to find him until two days later. Anything could of happened. It makes you wonder why some people bother having pets. Lucky for the poor pooch you kind folk gave him some refuge.


Lalabibaby said...

Poor pooch ... they don't deserve to have him back. Don't you just love delving into old sewing boxes ... I've got a similar one waiting to be relined ... another on the ever increasing 'jobs to do list' x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Wow that dog was lucky to be found by your daughter and you! Well done for finding his home again. Fab finds aswell :-)

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lucky dog being found by your daughter & you. Glad it had a happy ending!


Thecraftytrundler said...

a similar thing happened to me a few years ago. We were driving out, and found a little cross breed terrier down a road, miles from anywhere. We picked him up, and took him to the vets on Monday morning, rung the local RSPCA too.
He was a friendly little fellow, but had quite a few sores on him, we were quite prepared to give him a home & get him better.
On visiting the vets, we were given some antibiotics, and he had an injection. We also got a call the next day from the owner, who arranged to pick him up later in the day.
He was a farmer & wasn't too concerned with the fact the poor little fellow had sores, and said " He'll be alright". We knew we could care for him better, but he wasn't our dog! Some people - Grrrr!!!!!
Love those finds!! I must keep looking!!

Sharon xx

Serenata said...

Wonderful sewing box full of goodies, what fun!

The magnolia is beautiful.

As for the dog, well I think everyone else has pretty much voiced my thoughts!

Lyn said...

Good job your daughter was kind enough to stop and you could look after the dog for a while. SOme people shouldn't have pets they don't deserve them.

Jessie said...

I hope mine isn't any where NEAR as eventful as last weekend for me too! Min was an experience never to repeat.
The little doggy is gorgeous isn't he? I'm so glad you found the owner and that you were able to give him some shelter. I expect the owner had her own reason for not putting the posters up, maybe she'd tried other methods first? Anyway a happy ending.xx

Country Style Living said...

Lovely finds...especially the sewing box! People never cease to amaze do they! Glad the dog was ok...

all kinds of everything said...

Love your sewing box!
Lucky you!And the lace is very beautiful too!