Monday, 8 February 2010

Food Glorious Food.

A bit of a foody post today. Last week I joined in with Marmalade Rose and the other 20 minuters bloggers, the aim being to craft for at least 20 minutes a day for a year. I usually do some sewing or crochet everyday but I wanted to do this so that I'd make things for me or in this week's case for my 3 yr old, hence the felt cakes. These are by no means perfect I just played around with some bits of felt & seed beads but Lily loves them.

I've also completed my first string blocks project and made them into potholders.
I think I've mentioned on here before that I collect cookery books, I now have 1008 thanks to these ones that I bought on Saturday at the 30p book sale. the trouble is I buy them look at them and think oh yes I'll cook that, that and that. Of course you then forget well I'm now making an effort to cook lots of the recipes and have started with The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.
I'm loving all the things I've made so far from this book, dread to think of the calorific values of the cakes though!
Traditional Brownies.
Oat & Raisin Cookies.
Banana & Chocolate Cupcakes.
Nutty Apple Loaf, which incidentally fell apart, as I took it out of the oven a bit too soon, tasted fine though.
Lemon Loaf.

We have now completed week 5 of the 52 week recipe challenge - cherry and coconut bake.

Just so it's not all about cake I thought I'd add some soup in here :) For a few years now I've grown Jerusalem Artichokes in the back garden, for their height! But I've never cooked with them until last week when I made this soup. I just cooked the peeled and chopped artichokes in some homemade chicken stock for 30 mins, blended then stirred in some cream.
Kinda food related - I was very happy to find these in the charity shop at the weekend, 6 rose Pyrex plates to add to yet another collection.
And another rose jug a twin to one I already have!
I treated myself to these from Lakeland last week, heart shaped silicone cake cases, so cute.
And finally carrying on from my last post, I managed to capture a photo of the the female Blackcap.


LissyLou said...

The cakes look littlest son would love playing with them xx

giftsofthejourney said...

The little cakes and cookies (biscuits) are wonderful and the edible goodies are making me hungry too.

RosieP said...

All the cakes look great, well done, my sister and I are also partial to a cookery book Q

Hugs RosieP x

Floss said...

What a lovely post - just nice to pop in and see the creative things you've been doing. I'm aiming for scones tonight - I've been told they're a good way of using the whey from my cheese-making!

mitmot said...

i had to do a double take as i thought your first picture was of real cakes, it was only when i was reading your post that i realised they were made of felt - fantastic job. wish i lived in your house with all that scrummy food xx

bellaboo said...

You had me fooled with the first picture...I thought they were edible too!
What a wonderful feast of delicious cakes..and I love those heart-shaped cases.
Wow,you could start up a cookery book shop with all those!

Bellaboo :)

made with love said...

Your crafty makes look fab.
Mmmmmm, your baking looks delicious. I am sooooooo hungry now.
My husband has banned any more cook books from entering the house. Haha, what he doesn't see;)
Have a great week.
Rachael XX

Lyn said...

Wow what lovely cakes! hope you saved me some?
I like the felt ones too-less calories!

Rebecca said...

The little felt cakes are adorable, I love them! I could imagine they would make lovely brooches!
Well done on your baking too, looks like you made some yummy things! x

twiggypeasticks said...

Love those cakes and the rose plates are gorgeous.
twiggy x

Mary Poppins said...

I love all your food, crafty and real, if only i could dive in the screen I would devourer the lot ;o)


Serenata said...

1008 cookbooks??!!! Where do you keep them all! I thought we had a lot of books (many more than that number, but they do vary in topic significantly.

Love the cakes - can I come round for a nibble please ;-)

What a good idea - pot holders with the string challenge squares.... might do one tonight.

Indigo Blue said...

I think that your fabric cakes have turned out really well. Your three year old will have hours of fun playing with them. Thge real ones look good too, how did htey taste? 1008 cook books that is pretty impressive.

E is for Eleanor said...

your fabric cakes are so cute- the imperfections make them all the more amazing!

The hummingbird cookbook is my favourite! So yummy. and 1008 cookbooks is truly brilliant! Your shelves must be heaving!


Cally's Cottage said...

Oh my goodness- Nigella Lawson hasnt got anything on you! Everything looks WONDERFUL!!
Am off to make a cake..
Have a happy week ,
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

all kinds of everything said...

I love the cakes and cookies,
So nice to see what everyone is crafting in the 20 minuters.

Gerry said...

Love your String Potholders.
I'm making the Rounds for the No Strings Attached group.

I'll add you to my No Strings group on my sidebar.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oooh I love your felty cakes. They look almost good enough to eat.

And the pot holders are really pretty too. you have been busy.


Pixiedust said...

cakes look very tasty xxx Pixie xxx

Stephanie said...

Not only lots of yummy food but great string potholders too.

Melanie said...

Hi there
I love your blog and I have read it for an age, and I hope you do not mind but I have added your blog to my blogroll on my new site. :)
Melanie xxxx

Wipso said...

Hi, I'm just popping round to the other members of the 20 minuters to give them the opportunity to join in the Gift draw in our blog shop. It is partly down to the encouragement of MarmaladeRose that I am still really enjoying doing my 20 minutes of crafting every day and this is stocking the shelves in our shop. I hope you will pop over and join in the fun. The draw will be made on Mon 22nd Feb so this is the last week. If you choose to join in Good Luck. :-)
Many thanks,
A x