Wednesday, 7 October 2009


My mum who passed away 5 years ago today.

Candy stripe pillowcases, rose tablecloth and curtains.
Gingham & roses button tin.

Gloves, evening bag and diamonds.

A 1950/60's coat used many times in dressing up games.
China with red roses.
Covered sandwich tray for party food.
Christmas cake decorations.
Just a few everyday reminders from around my home other memories can be found here in my post from last year.


Serenata said...

((hugs)) it is always difficult isn't. I love that you have some of her really special treasures around your home and what a lovely way to remember her by.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hope the lovely memories of your mum made a difficult day pass a little easier. I love some of those beautiful things round your home. Those tea cups are just beautiful.


Country Cottage Chic said...

Sending hugs your way today.
Lovely things with lovely memories....


Sandie said...

Lovely Mum and a beautiful tribute to her.

Elise said...

so many lovely things !

Taz said...

It's 5 years since my Dad died so I understand ((((hugs)))
So many beautiful things bringing you wonderful memories.


Its never easy - but thanks for sharing you precious bits and bobs! Its good to talk about Mum, keeps the love still burning.

x Vicky x

Pomona said...

Lovely memories - it is so nice to have a house full of objects which have a meaning to them. Anniversaries are difficult, but it is also good to remember, I think.

Pomona x

Kitty said...

I think it's lovely that you have some of your mum's things. What lovely things too.

Thinking of you - I know it can be tough to remember.


Indigo Blue said...

Not an easy post to write. You have lovely memories and lovely treasures to remember your Mum by. My daughter asks about photos that we have of both are Grans and she likes to look at and ask about a necklace my Gran gave me when she was still with us. Talking about family who are no longer with us helps to us to remember them well and fondly. I am sending you my best wishes.

louise said...

It's nice to come across these little treasures around the place, which makes you remember your Mum. x