Friday, 19 December 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

It's been a busy week here, the Christmas panic is setting in and I've been getting up at the crack of dawn! But looking on the positive side the tree, the decorations and the outside lights are all up at last. I've even started to write cards and have wrapped half of the presents.

The lounge.

Tomte village- I got addicted to making these last year.

The kitchen.

My christmas decoration swap has winged it's way to Monique in the Netherlands and I'm eagerly awaiting my parcel. Monique requested white/silver as her colour scheme so I made some decorations from white felt using silver thread and beads to decorate them. I then made an organza gift bag roughly using the tutorial from Penny at sewtakeahike.

I've also sent my December swap to CTC at the shabby chic cafe - some felt ornaments in another organza gift bag, a cinnamon flower fairy sachet, a peg doll fairy, a crochet brooch, my first crochet snowflake (which I forgot to stiffen!) some candles and a chocolate santa.

I've finished my vintage stockings, Tara thinks they're horrible but Lily loves them, lol. I've also done a felt garland but I still haven't finished my wallhanging probably because I keep crocheting different snowflakes! And I did do 2 hours of ironing yesterday so I now have an empty ironing pile, well until tomorrow when the washbaskets will be full again!

I received my prize from the November members draw at Debbie's English Treasures, I was able to choose any cup and saucer from the site and was so pleased with my choice:

And bless her she even added a little something for Lily a rabbit in a basket. Lily is so delighted with it and carries it around like a handbag, thankyou so much Debbie and Alan of course.

Now I'm off to look through these as I have to plan my christmas menus and my grocery shopping for tomorrow.

And then these just in case there's anything else that I must make before Christmas, I don't want to get bored now do I!

And if all else fails I'll just have to crochet some snowflakes while I catch up on a bit of Fanny Craddock's Christmas, I adore this programme the woman is an absolute legend, so so funny!


. said...

Christmas panic seting in. Yes, I know, and lots of children with a cold.


Kitty said...

Christmas Panic .. .it's here! Living in my house!

Your makes are so lovely - yes, including the vintage stockings!


summerfete said...

My gosh Yvonne your home is a veritable grotto!!
You must have a huge christmas box!

I dont think you need panic, it all looks gorgeous.

Merry Christmas!!

Clare xx

funkymonkey said...

We share a lot of the same Christmas cook books. As yet I'm not panic. I usually leave until cooking the big lunch.

sharie said...

Oh my! You look so well organised. Everything you make looks lovely and I'm a big admirer of your matntlepiece :-)

Petticoat Lane said...

It all looks SO lovely. It's really funny I've just been out shopping and saw some vintage stockings and thought I may have a go next year, then I've just seen you've made the very same...they're wonderful, I'm v.impressed!
Actually popped out to buy paper plates, glitter, coloured card etc to make snowmen like you did with see, you inspired me! That's what I love about blogland.
Take care, have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family.
P.S Can I have your book collection please?!! It's FAB!

Indigo Blue said...

Goh, what alot of cookbooks! You have been very busy and put me to shame. Your house looks lovely with all of the decorations up.

Vintage Tea said...

I've been suffering from Christmas panic too... I finally wrote my Christmas cards last night so they could be posted this morning!

I'm currently ignoring the pile of presents piled in my room hidden under a blanket... I did wrap a couple this evening and will need to get some more done tomorrow!!

Victoria xx

PS i think your stockings look fab and also I see you have the Good Granny cookbook... do you recommend it only I've had it on my wish list for a while but not got round to purchasing yet!

tcalamity said...

wow, looks lovely all decorated. You know that cup and saucer I was looking at because it was soooooo pretty, well done for winning. Debbie is so lovely, what a lovely surprize for lily.
Just wishing you a wonderful christmas and happy new year and another year of blogging.
P.s thanks for all your lovely comments over the past year.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Yvonne, Your home looks beautiful. I LOVE your vintage stockings. Happy Christmas to you and your family from Mr and Mrs K X

angel said...

Oh wow Blissy, its all so Christmassy.......... LOVELY :-)

I dont know how you fit it all in!
You are amazing, everything looks Beautiful.

Love and hugs Honey. Mwah
X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X